Candidate offers money via SMS for votes, less than 24 hours from the romanian local elections start

CONSTANTA | Gigi Chiru, 42, a candidate for the Mayor House in Constanta, Romania’s city port at the Black Sea, sends illegal SMS messages regarding the 2012 local elections. In the SMS one person recieved, he offers money for one’s vote, no less than 250 RON (aprox. 75$). In the same SMS, the voter is given precise instructions on how and where to get the money. 

“If you want 25o RON for your vote, come to the Gigi Chiru tent in the City Park Mall parking lot at 20:00 today. Please, I want seriosity and discretion” the Chiru staff wrote in the SMS recieved by one voter from Constanta, who posted the print screened picture above. So far, nobody from the authorities have been asking Chiru about this illegal form of campaining.

The local elections in Romania starts tomorow morning, Sunday the 10th of June, at 7:00 AM in the morning. At 21:00 PM the election stops and the votes are counted. Most of the statistics shown the week before states that the most mayor houses will be home for the USL (Social-Liberal Union, formed by the Social-Democratic Party, the National-Liberal Party and the Conservatory Party) candidates, the party runned by the former romanian prime minister, Victor Ponta.


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