Magician couple from “Romania’s Got Talent” first season semifinals to earn up to 3000 Euros on act

ORADEA | Eduard Malita and his girlfriend Bianca participated in the first season of Romania’s Got Talent with a magic act to remember. In their semifinal performance, Eduard changed places with Bianca in an underwater stunt that left the jury speechless, but unfortunately they didn’t make it to the final round of the competition. But that is nothing to be ashamed off, as the duo is making a lot of money performing magic everywhere they are requested.

Taking a shot at winning the show changed their lifes forever. They just don’t have time to breathe anymore, as they are one of the most requested magic act at parties, weddings and public events. As the popularity grown, so did the price of their magic. 200 Euros is the performance onorary for half an hour of magic. The prices go up to about 3000 Euros for a 2 hours magic act on a public event or a big wedding, with stage and close-up illusions.

Eduard is a graduate from the Romanian Academy of Magic and also has a lot of prizes from contests around the country and also from international competitions. He is doing magic for over 5 years now, as Bianca started just 3 years ago. He wanted to become a football player, she, a ballerina. They met in highschool and they are toghether ever since, on stage and in the private life. No wedding plans yet, as they decided to work on the professional side of their life first.


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