Special guest Geraldine Chaplin talks about her father at TIFF 2012

CLUJ-NAPOCA | Geraldine Chaplin, the special guest of the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF), said on Saturday at a press conference that she  currently believe that the film can only change how people think, not the world. The actress spoke at a conference in Cluj Napoca, at the 11th edition of TIFF (ending Sunday, June the 11th), about the fact that she loves her job, how “cool” is the Transylvanian town  and about the “horrible, with cannibals’, film she will shoot in Spain.

“My name magically opened any door. Has always been an advantage,” said the actress, who recounted that when she was little, she would make friends with the best student in class and promised her that if she help her do the work for Latin , she would invite her to her home to meet Charlie Chaplin. “I was a little bitch with my name,” he joked.

For her, Charlie Chaplin was a wonderful father and not a single moment she wanted his daughter to be an actress, because she knew ” the job traps”. “When I started, my father became my biggest fan. (…) I wanted to hear constructive criticism, but all I heard was: ‘You are the best in this movie,'” she said.


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