Voter sets himself on fire in the polling booth

PETRILA, HUNEDOARA | Hours from the start of the romanian local elections of 2012, a man in the city of Petrila, Hunedoara county set himself on fire inside of the polling booth on Sunday. The voting unit was set in the “Constantin Brancusi” Highschool. The voter said that his gesture was provoked by the mayor of Petrila, who gave him a hard time when he asked him for help regarding an administrative problem of his lands.

The man told the police that years in a row he struggled to get a fair justice in some lawsuits he has with the Mayor House, but none of the judges gave him a response. After yelling outside the polling booth that he was about to set himself on fire, he immediately got inside and did it, using petrol mixed with water and a lighter.

Rescue patrol formed by the police, firefighters and paramedics were on the site to save the man, as they got the call before he lit himself from the election committee president of the booth, who announced the authorities instantly. After the firefighters managed to clear the fire with little effort, the man was rushed to the Petrosani General Hospital for further medical investigations.


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