Dismissed Prime Minister to win the Mayor House of the third largest city in the country

CLUJ-NAPOCA | There was no sleep last night for the dismissed Prime Minister Emil Boc, as he and his opponent Marius Nicoara have been waiting for the final count of the votes from the Transylvanian capital. The battle for the mayor position was head to head at the 70% mark of the count, when the PDL (Democratic Liberal Party) candidate in Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Emil Boc, would have 42% of the votes, while the USL (Social-Liberal Union) candidate Marius Nicoara would have 38%, by centralizing the votes for 70% of the polling stations.

Cluj USL representatives disputed the vote count in several sections in Cluj-Napoca, to secure the votes, so that parallel counts by USL and PDL Cluj are delayed. PDL failed on Monday morning to announce the results from Cluj-Napoca City Hall that were counted by the party, the decision was taken because USL had challenged the results of four polling stations in the city.

On the other hand, sources claimed that on early Monday morning, according to the count made by PDL, Emil Boc would have obtained a few hundred votes more than his opponent from USL, Marius Nicoara. Still, the final official results are yet to be published by the Central Election Bureau.


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