Unique “shadow pyramid” phenomenon in the romanian Ceahlau mountains

BICAZ | Each and every year some odd processes occur in the Ceahlau mountains, yet two optical phenomena seem to be inexplicabile. In the first part of August, exactly at the sunrise of every day the East Chop and Shepherd’s Stone shadow peaks form a huge natural hologram, shaped like a pyramid.

The phenomenon is called the Shadow Pyramid and transforms the Chop Peak (Toaca)  into a really mysterious place. Shortly after August the 6th, under the bright dawn the two peaks, the Shepherd’s Stone and the Chop form a huge pyramid from their shadows, an event which is not taking into consideration the normal laws of optics that we all live on day by day.

Here is the interesting part: Measurements made by the romanian specialists have shown that the base edges are exactly twice as long as the length of the pyramid of Kheops in Cairo, Egypt, and that the slope angle is only 10 degrees higher than the same pyramid. The pyramid shadow effect is just an optical illusion, which is formed because of the positioning to the two peaks, combined with the clouds of mist, including particles of water and sunlight. It looks like a pyramid with a square base, figure considered to be extremely rare in nature. The phenomenon is unique in the world. The Ceahlau massive shadow pyramid appears each year, within the first 10 days of August. Mystery lovers believe that this phenomenon is the creation of our ancestors, which possessed magical powers.


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