Woman wins the City Hall of a county residence for the first time

CRAIOVA | USL female candidate at the mayor position of Craiova Olguta Lia Vasilescu won the elections with 45.6 percent of the votes, while the current mayor Antonie Solomon won 40.09 percent of votes, according to the final results announced on Monday evening by the Dolj County Election Office.

The County Election Office announced on Monday evening that Lia Vasilescu Olguta ranked first with 57383 of the votes, respectively 45.6 percent, while its main rival, the current mayor Antonie Solomon received 51448 votes, placing him the second with 40.9 percent. Marinica Dinca was voted by 9781 people, getting the score of 7, 7 percent, while Ionel Pana recieved 4552, 3.6 percent of the votes cast from the elections in Craiova on Sunday. In terms of voting for electing the mayor of Craiova, the number of votes cast was 125815 and the total number of invalid votes was 2201.

Craiova was runned by Antonie Solomon for the last 8 years, who went from the PDL (Liberal Democratic Party) to the PSD (Democratic Social Party) and now to the UNPR (National Union for the Progress of Romania). In 2004 he was elected while being a candidate from the PSD, then in 2008 local elections the candidate of the PDL, which won him a second mandate and now he ran from the UNPR, unfortunately for him with less success. In March 2010, Mayor Antonie Solomon was detained by the DNA (The National Anticorruption Office) prosecutors and then arrested for bribery, forgery and false intelligence. One week after the Arges Court magistrates issued the warrant, Antonie Solomon was suspended from his mayor position.


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