Ciomu case to become a lesson for the students of the Faculty of Medicine at the “Carol Davila” University

BUCHAREST | In 2004 doctor Naum Ciomu cut the penis of a patient because of a medical mistake! The highly publicized case has sparked controversy, dislikes and sympathies. The doctor became emblematic! Undoubtedly he represent the definition of malpractice. Moreover, Ciomu was banned in the operating room! But the doctor is now taking advantage of the unfortunate incident. Now, the dramatic situation experienced by the patient and the medical error have become case study, in the student’s courses at the university.

Ciomu case became a lesson for the students of the Faculty of Medicine. The former urologist returned to the class and is very popular among future doctors. Having cut a patient’s genital organ, the doctor got banned from work and was forced to pay damages of 500,000 Euros to the damaged patient.

The position of anatomy teacher is perfect for doctor Ciomu, who is doing great as a professor. “I suffered a stroke in those moments and I said to my colleagues that I didn’t feel good during the surgery. But I didn’t got help from them”,  Dr. Ciomu explained to the students. He said that resident who assisted the surgery let him to continue the wrong procedure, although he would have days until his graduation. It was his duty to intervene in time to prevent the accident.


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