Less popcorn in movie theaters in New York

NEW YORK CITY | Commission appointed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, could reduce portions of popcorn or drinks sold in the movie theaters. The Health Commission of New York expressed its support for limiting the amount of sweetened beverages sold in restaurants on Tuesday during a meeting in Queens. Commission members agreed to begin a six week period in which the project can be subject to public debate.

At the meeting, some members considered that other limitations on foods with more calories should be looked after. One of them, Bruce Vladeck, believes that the amount of popcorn sold in movie theaters should be examined for reduction. “Popcorn is not much better than juice,” said Vladeck.

Another member believes that drinks should be subjected to the same limit on quantity. “There are some beverages such as milkshakes or coffee with monstrous amounts of calories,” said Dr. Joel Forman, according to AFP. Mayor Bloomberg said that these rules are meant to reduce obesity in the city. The New York Restaurant Association opposes the measure, however, and is considering legal action if it is adopted. Residents also oppose this measure by 51%, versus 46% who liked it, according to a Quinnipiac University poll.


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