Anders Breivik tormented her since he was four

OSLO | Mother of the right wing extremist Anders Breivik, on trial for killing 77 people last summer, revealed that he was terrified of her son since he was four, describing him as a “hyperactive and aggressive boy, unable to feel joy or pleasure”. Oslo Court also found out that Breivik  laughed  in front of his mother when she tried to impose him some limits. Wenche Breivik, aged 33, called the social workers who wanted to take the troubled boy and give it for adoption to prevent an increase in psychological problems.

Also, Wenche Breivik was terrified 23 years later, when, moving back to her home in 2006, Anders Behring Breivik wanted to “get over her on the sofa” and try to kiss her on the face. “I felt as a prisoner with him. It was intensely uncomfortable. He started to say I am a Marxist and a feminist. In 2010 he became really weird”, she said in the a statement for the police, read in court.

Anders Behring Breivik received with a grimace the allegations in court about how he began to wear a mask and give the plates to her mother from behind a door to avoid being infected with germs. A week before the attacks he committed in Oslo and Utoya Island on July 22, 2011, he told his mother that he feels bad and wants to get a plastic surgery.


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