Which are the companies who write the future of video games and smartphones and how do they reach the romanian market

BUCHAREST | While Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are racing each other on innovations in video games, companies with less experience in gaming already beat them. Nobody knows what the future will look exactly in the video games console, but Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have made a tradition of launching new game systems almost every year, in their struggle for customers.

On the other hand, less experienced companies are entering the market more often now than ever, which somethimes come with ideas more appealing to gamers. We don’t know about the new Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation other that it will be launched in 2013, as only Nintendo revealed a few details about their new Wii product, U.

Romania’s market is full of electronic devices meant to be sold. Everybody seems to have a smartphone or a tablet, or both. It seems that things have changed from 10 years ago, when the huge Mitsubishi phone was still a tabu thing among people. Now, with the needs growing, this kind of product sells better than ever. Are we buying video games? Well, not as other european countries, but we clearly have gone a long way up into this market. Sales have increased with over 50% in the last 2 years, meaning that online stores like eMag work their ass off to stay in touch with all the new releases and to make sure they bring not only the game, but also the american experience of releasing the game through a grand launch event. For example, when World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King expansion was released in Bucharest, 10000 people were in line to get it at midnight. Now that’s a big succes for just one game.


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