Why you should never work without a contract

MONEY is not everything, but is part of most of things. Being 19 is a very serious thing in life. You get up in the morning and think to yourself about your future every day. There is nothing better at this age than winning your own money by working what you like, and that is what happened to me. I was hoping to get involved in a small town newspaper and one night a friend showed up and immediately offered me a chance to work. I was so thrilled that I forgot about the most important thing ever: the working contract.

After two months working there on 150$ per month, some of my colleagues left and the boss told me that I will be responsible for more, therefore I will get more money. Superb! My promised salary was 400$, which is triple the salary of a factory worker. That, for a 19 years old is just amazing, and again, there were no concearns on the legal papers, as I was focused on working and counting the days until my payment day.

The bad news is I am still counting…

Why? Because, at the end of the month, my boss stopped answering my calls, so there was no way to get to him. This friend of mine who got me the job said that he will give me the money himself if the boss is acting weird, but still, here we are almost a month later and neither my boss nor my friend showed up in the mood for paying their employees. Looks like the money I was about to recieve were taken by my boss and used for his travels, so not only he stealed my job, he also took away my money that I allready worked for. In the end, they just disappeared in a cloud of smoke, probably closing the newspaper down and forgetting about it.

I should probably consider miself lucky after all, because after investigating a little bit I discovered that my boss was not the most legal person in the world. He was having trouble with the police in the past and that is not a good sign. He once told me that a journalist is free to go and investigate on what he wants, so that is what I did. I did my research on him and now I thank God for not signing any papers with him. That advice that he gave me is probably worth more than 400$ at the end of the day, and that’s just relaxing to know.

This is the Opinion section, so let’s get this over with: I believe that, if in the next 2 years the romanian Governemnt will not be able to do something about the young population, the students looking for a secure job, Romania will get in serious trouble. I don’t think that me as an individual have the needed amount of power or money or knowledge to get a guy like my boss to pay me after doing what he did, but that’s going to end for sure in this way: Romania will, one day or another, lose me, along with other hundreds of thousands of students. We do not ask for much, but we do ask for money and we do ask for respect. We do need money to live and we do need respect for moving forward. To stay in our country.

And if our country fails to give us that, we will look for another country which is happy to give us not what we want or need, but what we deserve.


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