A man killed his ex-wife with eight knife stabs at a train station

SIBIU | A man killed his ex-wife on Saturday afternoon with eight knife stabs in the city railway station Micasasa, Sibiu. The attacker was caught by the police. Research is coordinated by a homicide prosecutor at the Court of Sibiu, the attacker being in custody of the authorities and the investigation underway.

Police representatives said the woman, who has about 30 years, was killed with eight stabs in the chest zone and although doctors tryed to resuscitate her, they didn’t had success. Their 7 years daughter attended the crime. According to judicial sources, the woman killed in Micasasa was divorced from her husband, but the court had not yet decided the sentence.

According to sources quoted the woman had a relationship with another man from Micasasa and she was surprised by her husband in the station after the train stop. In fact, those sources say, the motivation for the crime was the jealousy of the murderer. The same sources said that at the murder would have assisted the woman’s daughter, who is seven years old and coming from a previous marriage.


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