Iridescent oil product on an area of ​​approximately 500 meters appeared in the sea water

MAMAIA | Iridescent oil product appeared on Saturday in the sea, on an area of approximately 500 meters from the entrance in Mamaia, representatives of the “Dobrogea Litoral” Water Basin Administration saying that they were brought to the surface by the high waves registered in recent days.

According to a release by the “Dobrogea Litoral” Water Basin Administration, the area between Malibu and Doina hotels on the waterfront, on a length of 500 meters, have iridescent oil residue with a size of 1-5 inches. “It seems that they were caused by the phenomenon of bottom waves, shown in recent days, sea pollution remains in the historic port of the Black Sea basin bringing it to the beach Mamaia . This phenomenon is one which occurs very rarely, once every 7 – 8 years, usually in early summer”, the press release from the “Dobrogea Litoral” Water Basin Administration (ABADL) read.

ABADL employees occured during the night from Saturday to Sunday to collect the wasted oil and remove it from the beach. Thousands of tourists are relaxing these days on the beach, most of them choosing, as always, Mamaia.


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