Weekly news retrospective: June 11-17, 2012

Here is the weekly news retrospective from June 11 to June 17, 2012:

June 11

Dismissed Prime Minister to win the Mayor House of the third largest city in the country

Romanian Secret Services blocked vote count in 4 polling stations

Unique “shadow pyramid” phenomenon in the romanian Ceahlau mountains

Egyptian president goes into coma after refusing treatment

BREAKING NEWS: 2012 romanian local elections final results: Red Romania

June 12

Romanian TV boss Dan Diaconescu wins six seats in the General Council of Bucharest

Revenues from tourism in Romania decreased by 16% over the past four years

Moscow to face anti-Putin massive rally by the opposition fans

Woman wins the City Hall of a county residence for the first time

Breaking News: Romanian National Television management board dismissed

Human foot found on the roof of an apartment building shocks local community

June 13

Ciomu case to become a lesson for the students of the Faculty of Medicine at the “Carol Davila” University

40 kilograms of heroin worth 2 million Euros captured on the A1 motorway

New homes in Bucharest, two times more expensive than in other cities

June 14

Former Tunisian President Ben Ali sentenced to life imprisonment

Jobs in public higher education have been unlocked

Judge Carmen Mladen, accused of extortion and sexual corruption, detained by prosecutors

She asked the designers to create her a hat containing a “cage” filled with cockroaches

Romanian money lender released from prison: ”It was only your fault for me being here”, he said to the journalists

Xena the Warrior Princess could go to prison for three years

Nokia to dissolve yet another 10000 jobs

Less popcorn in movie theaters in New York

June 15

Anders Breivik tormented her since he was four

Breaking News: Soldier tried to strangle his girlfriend in the middle of the street

June 16

Strong fire at a plastics factory in Timisoara

Greeks are closing bank accounts and stock on fuel before parliamentary elections

Gold for Romania at the European Championships of Fencing

Which are the companies who write the future of video games and smartphones and how do they reach the romanian market

Why you should never work without a contract

June 17

Man killed his ex-wife with eight knife stabs at a train station

BREAKING NEWS: Crucial elections for the future of Greece: Polling stations now opened

Iridescent oil product on an area of approximately 500 meters appeared in the sea water

TVR and Romtelecom to broadcast Euro 2012 simultaneously

Please comment on your favorite subjects or let us now if there are any broken links.


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