Google announced an alarming increase of government censorship on the Internet

PALO ALTO |  Google announced that applications for censorship of political content posted online that they received from governments, maninly in Europe, has increased in recent years, according to a report of the company.

In the last six months, Google has responded to 47% of requests for withdrawal of content posted on the Internet and 65% of legal decisions, the company said in a yearly report on transparency. Surprisingly, most of these requests come from Western democracies, according to The Guardian electronic edition on Monday.

Spanish authorities have asked the company the censorship of 270 links to blogs and newspaper articles criticizing the government officials, but Google didn’t honored them in the end. Also, Poland asked the search engine to remove an article criticizing the Polish Agency for development and eight other links regarding the subject. Google has not given course to such requests. Another refused  request came from the Canadian authorities who wanted the censoring of a video posted on YouTube with a citizen who was urinating on his passport and throwing  it down the toilet.

Britain has demanded the removal of five videos which, according to the authorities, where inciting to terrorism, demands which Google has acted on and removed the videos. In the U.S., the majority of applications relate to harassment of people. Internet authorities demanded the removal of 187 materials, the company responding favorably in 42% of the cases.


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