PM gets an internet meme for plagiarism scandal

BUCHAREST | Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Tuesday morning, asked if the scandal involving plagiarism was directed at Cotroceni, that even “a child realizes” who named him “dottore”, stating that the former Education Minister Daniel Funeriu was the anonymous source who told the journalist about his PHD paper as being copied.

Asked if the plagiarism scandal is directed at Cotroceni, Ponta said “I think that even a child realizes who named me “dottore, dottore” and who made the anonymous announcement. Funeriu is the anonymous source”. The PM accused presidential adviser Daniel Funeriu that he went to Munich, where he met with representatives of the Nature magazine and told them about his plagiarism by protecting himself as an anonymous source.


Ponta said that it took this “arrangement” about the departure of Funeriu at Munich as the Romanian journalists were not to burrow into “this mess” and write about the accusations of plagiarism in the country. “I appreciate that none of the Romanian press has accepted directly to get in this mess and forced Funeriu to go to Germany for a lie like this”, prime minister Victor Ponta stated. Although he rejects the accusations, the Internet has allready made him a meme, as you can se in the image above.


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