Praying squirrel photo goes viral

An amazing, yet real photo was taken just when a squirrel stands on two legs and stretches his front paws to heaven, praying for a bite to eat. The snapshot was made by Martin Patten, who surprised the unique “spiritual” moment in the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey, England, Daily Mail informs.

The man was walking through the zoo when he noticed the bizarre behavior of a squirrel. He immediately realized that it was time to carefully use his photo camera. “When I first saw the squirrel it was running up and down, searching for food. The person I was with approached her and lifted a nut into the air and the squirrel went up immediately after it. The squirrel stood like that for 30 seconds, as  praying to receive it. I realized it was a great opportunity to take a photo. It was a rare opportunity, a moment that you don’t have the chance to be a witness to too often”, the author of the famous photo said .


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