BREAKING NEWS: Anders Breivik is mentally insane, prosecutors said

OSLO | Norvegian killer Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 in 2011 in the Oslo bombing attacks and on Utoia Island was pronounced mentally insane by the prosecutors of the Oslo Court on Thursday, after his 10 weeks trail ended. Regardless of what state prosecutors conclude today, the 5 judges are free to overrule this when making their verdict. If declared insane, Breivik will undergo treatment in mental health care, renewed every 3 years. If sane, he will get indeterminate sentence in prison 21 years minimum.

Anders Breivik, charged with the murder of 77 people, including dozens of young activists attending a political camp in Norway last year, is convinced the court trying him will find him sane and culpable. In evidence on Monday it was revealed that he anticipates being held in isolation in prison for the foreseeable future, where he could write essays and books and liaise with far-right networks from his cell – he would be “fighting with his pen”.

Breivik’s comments were reported by a team of court-appointed psychiatrists giving evidence, the second of two psychiatric teams to examine him. The second team has contradicted the diagnosis of two previous experts that Breivik suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, The Guardian wrote on its website.



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