Adrian Nastase and the Bullet of Corruption

I know, the title is holleric, but bare with me. I decided to cover only the Breaking News on Saturday, so this day will be the Opinion day, because I have a lot on my mind that I want to tell you about and, in the end, this is still a blog, wright? So today, we are talking about Adrian Nastase, the ex-PM of Romania that apparently tried to kill himself because he was sentenced to two years inprisonment.

I myself have some issues about this case, there are just some things that are not adding up. Is everything just like they told us at the news? I don’t think so, and I have 11 questions that not even Cristian Tudor Popescu, a renowned romanian journalist, hasn’t been able to answer. Here we go:

1. Why did the bullet went through the right side of the neck, when Adrian Nastase is right-handed?

2. Why didn’t romanian Police Minister do anything if he knew Adrian Nastase had suicidal thoughts?

3. Why didn’t he shot himself in the 3 hours after given the sentence and waited the police to come for him?

4. Why did Nastase missed the target a few inches away from it?

5. Why did the ambulance stood 15 minutes in the ramp of the garage and another several minutes onwards to descend, as there was a patient with multiple gunshot wounds?

6. Why there were no oxygen tube, perfusion or even a vital signs monitoring equipment at the entrance/exit of the ambulance on a patient with a wound in the neck?

7. Why there wasn’t a big hole in his neck and severe bleeding, given the distance and how and where he pulled the trigger?

8. Why not a cordon of gendarmes was to isolate and facilitate the intervention of the ambulance?

9. How come no one heard the shot, despite the noise or the windows, as such a sound is heard even through glass, at minimum two blocks away?

10. Why there were no traces of blood on his face or why not even a doctor came out with a pair of gloves even stained with blood?

11. And finally my personal dilemma: How did Adrian Nastase survived with a bullet hole in the neck, being operated 12 hours after the shooting, again without an oxygen tube or other artificial support, beaing a heart diseased and diabetic patient??

It is true that Romania is on the verge of civil war, caused mostly by television, which are too stupid to be objective, but you can’t ask Turcescu something, as he sucks money from Basescu, or Gadea, who is too stupid to understand that he has the power to manipulate the masses. However, these questions are still without answers, and whoever gets them right, gets a free ticket to Bucharest, to see the picture in person.



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