Weekly news retrospective: June 18-24, 2012

Here is the weekly news retrospective from June 11 to June 17, 2012:

June 18:

Greek Elections Result: New Democracy, first with 29.66%, after 99.84% of the votes were counted

VIDEO: Nalbandian, eliminated after a violent manifestation on the field

Heat and thermal discomfort with temperatures of 35-36 degrees Celsius throughout the country

Google announced an alarming increase of government censorship on the Internet

Family doctors boycotting electronic prescription if not mandatory in outpatient and hospital care

June 19:

PM gets an internet meme for plagiarism scandal

Praying squirrel photo goes viral

Daniel Radcliffe has been diagnosed with a severe form of headache

A Romanian student won the Amelia Earhart scientific award

June 20:

Insolvency proceedings opened for Hidroelectrica

Wild gesture: what happened to a girl for coming home late

Black market sales of tickets to the Olympics under investigation in England

Breaking News: Adrian Nastase sentenced to two years imprisonment

June 21:

Doctors confirm that former romanian PM Adrian Nastase tried to commit suicide to avoid prison

Adrian Nastase tried to commit suicide. Former prime minister was operated for about an hour

BREAKING NEWS: Anders Breivik is mentally insane, prosecutors said

June 22:

A Chinese died after not sleeping some nights to watch the Euro matches

Miami Heat holds the title for the second time in history in the NBA

EURO 2012 – Euphoria floods Lisbon after Portugal qualificationin the semifinals

If Basescu doesn’t assigns Hasotti on Monday, I will request the initiation of suspension

June 23:

Adrian Nastase and the Bullet of Corruption

Please comment on your favorite subjects or let us now if there are any broken links.


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