A man was hit by an ambulance

TARGOVISTE | A man of 50 years ended up in hospital after being hit by an… ambulance. Physicians have offered medical attention on the spot and took him to the hospital in record time. 

The incident occurred last night. The ambulance driver said the man, age 50, crossed the street without looking for cars through an illegal place. Ambulance was EMS on, because it went to an emergency. The man received medical care from the ambulance crew who accidentally injured him.

“Our ambulance went to an emergency, a respiratory failure in the village of Cojasca. From what I know, it had the visual and acoustic signals in operation (EMS). Patient crossed through an area without a crosswalk and suffered chest and head politraumatism”, said Claudiu Dumitrecu, medical director of SAJ Dâmboviţa. The victim was transported to the hospital in Targoviste for medical treatment. Police opened an investigation to determine the circumstances in which the accident occurred. The Ambulance Service has launched an internal investigation in this case.


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