Bucharest-Ploiesti motorway opening delayed again

BUCHAREST | Bucharest-Ploiesti motorway (A3) will not be open to traffic Saturday, the date set after several delays, according to the Minister of Transport, Ovidiu Silaghi, the new deadline being August 1, advanced by the authorities. On this date the authorities will allow traffic, but with speed restrictions until after some problems will be repaired. “Traffic safety does not allow us to let go of the traffic”, said Silaghi while visiting the construction site.

He advanced another term for the traffic opening. “That’s why we are here, to see, to decide,” he said. Subsequently, Silaghi said that the problems will be “harmonized” within one month. “In a month we hope to bring the issues, especially traffic safety, (…) so we can let go of the cars, following the final acceptance is in accordance with all technical standards,” he said. Speed restrictions will be agreed with the Traffic Police.



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