Fundraising for The Freedom of Speech

I finished the “Coriolan Brediceanu” National College in Lugoj, a small town in Timiș county of Romania, right at the border with Hungary, with a certificate in Applied Informatics, but my goal was to get working in a real Editorial office, so I… applied for a Law school. I know, weird, but it was the only way to get started as soon as possible with my job. My parents wanted me to get to know more, so they got me a birthday surprise: some expensive “New Media” course pass in Bucharest.

My first ever serious writing started with my blog ( which by now is a big thing, gathering around 2000 visitors a day from all over Romania. And it was a visitor of the blog that hired me, after we had a beer.
In two and a half months after my fisrt day I became the Editor-in-Cheif, reorganized the paper and actually got all the 1000 papers sold. The rest are just numbers and diplomas, nothing to make me prouder than this achievement.

Back when I started work at the Revolutionarul, the paper was formless and the header was lifeless. Basically, as you can see, the newspaper was a rainbow.

After two and a half months, I was promo-ted Editor-in-Cheif. Look at the paper for yourself: it has a great header, the page is more animated and we now sell almost all of our 1000 numbers and we also have important news on the first page!

Unfortunately, after some time, the paper closed, we got no money as our salary for the last 2 worked months, as our boss left us with the debts and left the city, never to be seen again, and that’s when it occured to me: wait a minute, I can do this all by myself (well, me and my friend) with a little help. Better, I can get this online, so almos all of the people of Lugoj can see it for free. Can I? Yes I can!

That’s when I started thinking about a fund raising and about this site that I once seen on CNN (yes, we get CNN via satellite). So, this is my plan: to give the people of Lugoj what they need. Media is a power this days, without it, people would get under very fast. We, as journalists, are obligated to keep our people informed about the persons they put in charge to give them a better life. We need to tell them, each and every day, when the mayor, the local council, the police, doctors, teachers, priests, sportsmans and others are doing justice or injustice. It’s our job to make sure they know!

This is a list of what I need in order to start this news website:

-the domain and the hosting of the website (50$ the domain and 150$ hosting for the first 3 years);

-a DSLR camera (800$, the one that we had at the newspaper broke, this being the biggest problem: you can’t tell people what happenes around them unless you also show them);

-paperwork for opening the website legally (Romania is a hard place to start a small media group, so this will cost about 200$-300$ at least);

-equipment (500$, including a printer for some advertisement material, an iPad for the fieldwork and other birotics consumables like paper, pens and maps)

-other needs (200$, will be used for fueling the car for the fieldwork, like going to the weekly mayor press conference and other travels in the city like an accident that needs reporting on).

If I can’t get the 2000$ in the 45 days, I will buy the camera and start a photoblog about Lugoj and give you guys the promised advertisement links and banners.

THANK YOU so much for thaking your time and reading this. It means a lot to me, I know you don’t know me, but trust me, the passion I have for this field is immense. I would give everything for this project, unfortunately my parents or my friend are not able to sustain my dream financialy. Please check the perks, I know this will work and I know you will be satisfied in the end.

Do this not for me, but for the freedom of speech that the international press is using for keeping us informed every second!

If somehow the funding goes great and we get more money than we expect, we will use it to get our own newsroom, probably buy a computer and a tv and also feel like a real editorial office. Still, this will be a dream coming true even if we have to work from the city park.



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