The country with no president

Romania is, as of yesterday, the only democratic country in the world with no president. He was suspended by the Parliament after USL, the party that now runs the country initiated a suspention request. After the Romanian Constitutional Court decided that the request is also constitutional and not, letting the Parliament to decide on it, although it was the job of the judges to do it, the deputies and senators voted, 256 of them for the suspention, leaving president Basescu jobless for at least 30 days until the referendum.

Romanians are now like two football galeries, half of them is for really suspending the president, on July 29 and the other is against the suspension. The main problem with the suspension, jurists said, is that it is illegal, abusive and political. Well, that last point is just silly, but illegal and abusive yes, it could be, as the RCC presented with no serious, conclusive advise on the suspension request. Moreover, 5 of the 7 points on the request were declared constitutional, as the other 2 were just quotes of the president, not acts of him. Scratch that, actually all of the 7 points on that requests were just things Basescu said, not actions.

On the other hand, the USL is demanding Romanians to get Basescu down at the referendum, if they want to have a chance at getting the country back. Although they talk like they just revoked Nicolae Ceaucescu, which they did, as Ion Iliescu, former president of Romania an one of the leaders of the Romanian Revolution is now the honorary president of PSD, the party that initiated the suspention with PNL and PC, members of the Union, they never told the press about how are they going to act about the problems they say they will get fixed if Basescu will be revoked on the 29 of this month.

One thing is certain: the world is not enjoying what it sees in Romania. EU members of the highest rank explained that the position of the Romanian political scene is very serious and that Romania is even in danger of loosing it’s voting right in the EU. Meanwhile at the world press, the country makes it to the front pages as never before. Romania will soon be, if this doesn’t stop, in the position of Egypt, Syria or other politicaly damaged countries, stabbing itself in the back by it’s own, interior, persona a persona political problems.


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