Weekly news retrospective: July 2-8, 2012

Here is the weekly news retrospective from July 2 to July 8, 2012:

July 2:

Sleepless night in Madrid as Spain won the European Championship the second time in a row

More and more Romanian remain unemployed. The unemployment rate increased in May

PDL holds anti-USL rally in Revolution Square

Powerful fire at a chemicals company, workers evacuated

July 3:

Antonescu would be appointed head of the Senate if he wins revocation of Blaga

Orange heat wave code: Temperatures of 39 degrees to hit most of the country

Claudiu Saftoiu, validated as president and CEO of TVR by the Parliament

July 4:

BREAKING NEWS: USL lawyers working on the document for the suspension of President Basescu

God’s particle “no doubt it exists”

July 5:

USL read the request for suspension of the President. Basescu: Ponta, the Copy/Paste PM

Two EU Parliament members ask the Commission to analyze the situation in Romania, proposing its suspension of voting rights

Illegal gambling network dismantled in Malaysia

How much would a pack of smokes cost if Government will pass the new vice law

June 6:

Romanian Constitutional Court avoided a clear answer on Basescu’s suspension

RCC judge Aspazia Cojocaru threatened before the constitutional debate on the suspension of the President

BREAKING NEWS: Romanian President Traian Basescu was suspended by the Parliament

June 7:

The country with no president

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