BREAKING NEWS: Strong fire at an office building

BUCHAREST | A strong fire broke out on Thursday afternoon at the last two floors of an office building in Sector 6 of Bucharest, on Virtue Street, no victims announced, said spokesman of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Bucharest Daniel Vasile. RATB public transport vehicles are stopped because of the fire, firefighters trying to extinguish the flames, while nearby there is also a gas station.

According to the ISU, fire affects an office building with glass on the front and fire crews arrived at the scene failed to enter the building because of a facade that fall.  Bucharest ISU spokesman said the fire emits a very strong smoke and flames could extend to a nearby villa or worse, to a gas station 50 meters from the fire.

Six fire trucks and two ladder trucks were called for the fire, as other two crews were required afterwards.


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