Referendum to be monitored by the European Commision to avoid suspicion

BRUSSELES | Measures taken by the Government in Bucharest on calling a referendum on President Basescu’s dismissal will be the on the European Commission’s attention as to eliminate any suspicions with an objective following of the event, announced the leader of Party of European Socialists (PES), Sergei Stanishev in Brussels, after meeting with Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

“I believe that the actions of the Romanian PM will be justified by the European Commission. Prime Minister was helpful for an objective follow-up of the Commission”, said Stanishev. He added that suspicions were raised that the calling of a referendum would be unconstitutional and so the European officials will ensure that EU rules are respected throughout the procces of voting, counting and declaring the valid or invalid status of the referendum.

“It will not be tolerated any violation of EU rules and the rule of law”, said Stanishev. He expressed support for the Government in Bucharest, showing that he is sure that the referendum will be organized properly, criticizing the “opportunism and hypocrisy” of the  parties that are attacking and exaggerating the political situation in Romania.


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