One way is not the way: The “-escu” Curse

There is going to be a referendum in a small country of this world that Europe will be monitoring as if it was a nuclear camp. Romania is on the verge of going „politicalrupt” and is now preparing for the second try to get rid of president Basescu, who was also put up for suspension in 2009, when, for some reason, the people wanted him to remain at Cotroceni. The problem is that each and every newspaper in the world is commenting on the subject, but not one of them sends its journalists to actually see Romania as it is. That’s like me starting to write how amazing a weekend in Lusaka is, as I never went to Zambia. It bothers me, so I am going to try and explain the situation from my point of view.

Traian Basescu, first elected in 2004 is at his second mandate as the president, going for a third one if suspended, then reelected. Although this is quite illegal, this happened to the guy who literally started the Romanian Revolution, Ion Iliescu, honorary president of PSD, the party that now has the power in Romania. How is that possible, you might ask, when Mr. Iliescu is renowned worldwide for his selling of the Romanian state factories to the foreign countries for a bargain. Well, Mr. Iliescu was sure a lucky, intelligent fellow, as he gained power to never even see a prison cell, nor to stay in one. Although the political scene might seem is changing, it is not, because the same folks are behind the new, young party presidents.

“Do you agree with the dismissal of the president of Romania, Mr. Traian Basescu?” is the question of the referendum. As the last polls show, the answer will be yes, although Mr. Basescu is already battling with this thought. Why? Well, because he had 7 years to prove something, but he only proved he can put his daughter in the position of an MEP, his friends as PM and Ministers of the country and his buddies as bosses of justice, police and everything else.

Because if I get sick and need to go to the hospital, the Emergency doctor will not even talk to me until I give him money. He will stay there, look and me and say nothing, and if I say something, he will look the other way, because I am not giving him money.

Because if I am really prepared for my exam and my colleague is not, I will still get a lower grade than him, because his father has money, being the boss of one of the companies working at the highway. He will be the best in the class, despite the fact that he has not even half the knowledge I have.

Because if I want to get a better job than in a factory, where I am obligated to work 8 hours a day in a 50 degrees Celsius enviorment for 150 U.S. Dollars a month, the only way to do it is if you know somebody or if you give bribe to the right person. Otherwise, your CV might be good, even amazing, still you will remain unemployed and frustrated.

And what’s to come is even worse. As I said above, Mr. Iliescu is in charge. He, the one who sold the country, is now with the power in his hands, ready to rule the country. We get Basescu out, just to have Iliescu back. How is that even possible? I don’t know.

They went one way, and that way was not the right way. The way was intended for the benefits of themselves only, nothing for the people who voted them. Not even a slice of bread for the people, everything for them, their family and friends. One way is not the way, that’s for sure. This is the “-escu” curse, as my grandmother says, that Ceauc-escu left for Romania when he was killed on Christmas day.


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