Weekly news retrospective: July 9-15, 2012

Here is the weekly news retrospective from July 9 to July 15, 2012:

July 9:

Angela Merkel considers the violation of the rule of law in Romania to be unacceptable

Andronescu: It is possible to close schools if they had bad grades two years in a row at the baccalaureate

Traian Basescu visited the Constitutional Court, where his legal conflict with the Parliament is disscused

July 10:

First Interim President Antonescu press conference to take place at 20:00

What do unions say about closing schools with poor results

July 11:

U.S. requests a referendum that respects the Romanian Constitution

July 12:

BREAKING NEWS: Strong fire at an office building

July 13:

Referendum to be monitored by the European Commision to avoid suspicion

Le Monde: Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta fails to convince European leaders

Failure of Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych to reach a compromise on gas price

Cop to be put under investigation after threatening comments about Michelle Obama

July 14:

One way is not the way: The “-escu” Curse

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