Basescu: Loosing the referendum is not an option

BUCHAREST | Suspended President Traian Basescu said on Sunday, in a TV show that the depreciationof political relations can not be attributed to power and that Prime Minister Victor Ponta and the interim President Antonescu were rejected as partners in Europe and a stay of their functions after the referendum would mean isolation for the country.

“I’ll never make compromise with thieves. There are two lists in the minds of any president: the areas in which you can make compromises and to areas in which you can’t. You can not make compromises with the state. When you see someone who wants to make the state institutions part of his party you are a president who has not done his mission. The referendum on July 29 is not about the President. It is about restoration or forwarding to fix that broken vase”, Traian Basescu said in a rather easy for him televised interview for the national Realitatea TV television on Sunday afternoon.


One thought on “Basescu: Loosing the referendum is not an option

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