Most wanted Nazi criminal found in Hungary

BUDAPEST | The world’s most wanted Nazi criminal Csatary Laszlo, aged 97, accused of complicity in the deaths of 15700 Hebrews during the Second World War was found in Budapest, office director of the Wiesenthal Center in Israel said on Sunday . “I can confirm that Laszlo Csatary was identified and found in Budapest”, Efraim Zuroff told the AFP, cited by Mediafax.

“The Sun had photos and movie information that were provided in September 2011”, he added. British newspaper said on Sunday on its website that the most wanted Nazi war criminal of Hungarian nationality in the world “was identified and found” in the Hungarian capital. He added that the information on his location was submitted in September 2011 in the Budapest Prosecutor’s Office. Deputy prosecutor in Budapest, Jeno Varga, was not able to confirm the information, stating “An investigation is underway. Prosecutors are  studying the information received”.



2 thoughts on “Most wanted Nazi criminal found in Hungary

  1. Laszlo Csatary has been “under investigation” by Hungarian police since last fall. This man murdered 15,700 innocent people, including my grandmother, with great cruelty. He was known to whip women and make them dig holes with their hands.

    What will Hungary do? Arrest him, give him a medal and a statue, or nothing? Recently Arrow Cross Nazis have been held up as heroes.

    The whole world is watching.

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