Putin hires tasters for his food so he doesn’t get poisoned

PRECAUTION | Vladimir Putin asked every dish which is served to be checked to see that is not poisoned, Paris Gilles Bragard revealed on Wednesday, founder of a club of elite chefs who cook for the most powerful politicians in the world. Each dish served for the Russian president, a former KGB agent “obsessed with security”, is checked by a qualified medical professional taster, which ensures it is completely safe to be consumed, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.


“There is still tasting at the Kremlin, where a doctor checks every dish in part with the cook”, said Bragard. In an intervention at a meeting of the “Club des Chefs des Chefs” in Paris, Bragard also revealed that American presidents like that their food be “qualified in terms of security”. Among these is George Bush, who put two former FBI agents to taste each dish during a visit to London.

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