Black Friday in Bucharest, between “any sale counts” and “a hoax”

NEW, MODERN TRADITIONS – On Friday, the people of Bucharest went shopping to see what’s up with the Black Friday discounts, but, with few exceptions, they found only electronics and appliances stores, where they stayed in line for over two hours to buy something or left saying “not worth it”.

Tje majority of those who lurk are teenagers and youngs, but also elderly, mothers with young children. Most crowd, dozens of people in queues in electronics stores. The “stakes” are domestic: fruit juicers, toasters, large flat screen TVs and other appliances, large or small.

Store employees were wearing black shirts with “Black Friday” inscriptions and “20%”, “40%” or “60%”. At the exits, many security guards checked all the bills, because theft alarm systems sounded most of the time when someone got out with a product. “However, there were no problems,” said one of the agents.


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