How much would a pack of smokes cost if Government will pass the new vice law

BUCHAREST | The Government intends, by its new health law, to double the tax on tobacco addiction, from 10 to 20 Euros/1000 cigarettes, as that will lead to higher prices by about 2RON per package of cigarettes, an increase of 15 -20% of the price, according to industry representatives. Continue reading


Meningitis epidemic with over one hundred cases

SUCEAVA | Ten cases of acute viral meningitis were recorded in the last 24 hours in Suceava County, including two children aged 2 and 4 years and two high school students, the total number of registered cases reaching 109. According to the Department of Public Health (DPH) Suceava, among patients diagnosed in the last 24 hours there is a child aged two from Suceava and a child aged four from Plopeni and two girls of 17 and 18 from a high school in Suceava. Continue reading

Family doctors boycotting electronic prescription if not mandatory in outpatient and hospital care

BUCHAREST | Family doctors will boycott the implementation of the electronic prescription if the prescription is not mandatory for professionals in outpatient and hospital doctors, Family Physicians Employers Federation president Doina Mihaila said on Monday. Continue reading

Radiologist found dead in hospital Emergency Room

IASI | Ionel Botezatu, 62, a radiologist at the “St. Spiridon” Hospital was found unconcious by his colleagues on Saturday evening, on a bed in the Emergency Room of the medical center, after his absence was recognised by the other doctors that started looking after him. Continue reading