Rihanna, evacuated from a luxurious London hotel

LONDON | Famous singer Rihanna was among the 300 people who were evacuated from a luxury hotel in London because of a fire which broke out Wednesday morning in one of the elevators in the building. The 24 years old has posted two photos on her Twitter account – which is followed by 21 million fans – one in which she appears and another with a fire truck and the following: “wandering the streets at 06.00! fire in the building “. Continue reading


Romanian Ford is ready to be launched: Ford B-Max in figures and images

CRAIOVA | The new Ford B-Max produced in Craiova was officially presented in March and is priced between 13400 and 17650 Euros with VAT, according to Agerpres. Ford Romania holds on Monday the launching of the series production of the new Ford B-MAX. Continue reading

She asked the designers to create her a hat containing a “cage” filled with cockroaches

NEW YORK CITY | American artist Lady Gaga began to “appreciate” these insects when he was informed of a study that cockroaches have reacted to her plays more intensely than they did while listening to songs by other musicians,The Sun writes. “Lady Gaga was still trying to overcome the successful performance clothing with its famous meat dress – and this hat could be the thing she seeks. She names the cockroaches “my real life monsters “, after hearing the existence of that recent study. She now wants to incorporate them in a hat to be seen while stirring in a “cage” inside the hat”, said a source.  Continue reading

Magician couple from “Romania’s Got Talent” first season semifinals to earn up to 3000 Euros on act

ORADEA | Eduard Malita and his girlfriend Bianca participated in the first season of Romania’s Got Talent with a magic act to remember. In their semifinal performance, Eduard changed places with Bianca in an underwater stunt that left the jury speechless, but unfortunately they didn’t make it to the final round of the competition. But that is nothing to be ashamed off, as the duo is making a lot of money performing magic everywhere they are requested. Continue reading