One way is not the way: The “-escu” Curse

There is going to be a referendum in a small country of this world that Europe will be monitoring as if it was a nuclear camp. Romania is on the verge of going „politicalrupt” and is now preparing for the second try to get rid of president Basescu, who was also put up for suspension in 2009, when, for some reason, the people wanted him to remain at Cotroceni. The problem is that each and every newspaper in the world is commenting on the subject, but not one of them sends its journalists to actually see Romania as it is. That’s like me starting to write how amazing a weekend in Lusaka is, as I never went to Zambia. It bothers me, so I am going to try and explain the situation from my point of view. Continue reading


The country with no president

Romania is, as of yesterday, the only democratic country in the world with no president. He was suspended by the Parliament after USL, the party that now runs the country initiated a suspention request. After the Romanian Constitutional Court decided that the request is also constitutional and not, letting the Parliament to decide on it, although it was the job of the judges to do it, the deputies and senators voted, 256 of them for the suspention, leaving president Basescu jobless for at least 30 days until the referendum. Continue reading

Fundraising for The Freedom of Speech

I finished the “Coriolan Brediceanu” National College in Lugoj, a small town in Timiș county of Romania, right at the border with Hungary, with a certificate in Applied Informatics, but my goal was to get working in a real Editorial office, so I… applied for a Law school. I know, weird, but it was the only way to get started as soon as possible with my job. My parents wanted me to get to know more, so they got me a birthday surprise: some expensive “New Media” course pass in Bucharest. Continue reading

Adrian Nastase and the Bullet of Corruption

I know, the title is holleric, but bare with me. I decided to cover only the Breaking News on Saturday, so this day will be the Opinion day, because I have a lot on my mind that I want to tell you about and, in the end, this is still a blog, wright? So today, we are talking about Adrian Nastase, the ex-PM of Romania that apparently tried to kill himself because he was sentenced to two years inprisonment. Continue reading

Why you should never work without a contract

MONEY is not everything, but is part of most of things. Being 19 is a very serious thing in life. You get up in the morning and think to yourself about your future every day. There is nothing better at this age than winning your own money by working what you like, and that is what happened to me. I was hoping to get involved in a small town newspaper and one night a friend showed up and immediately offered me a chance to work. I was so thrilled that I forgot about the most important thing ever: the working contract. Continue reading