2012 Referendum for the suspention of President Traian Basescu started

ROMANIA | Romanians are called at the referendum on Sunday, July 29, to answer the question “Do you agree with the dismissal of Romanian President Traian Basescu?”. Voters can choose to answer “yes” or “no” on the ballot, stamp applying once inside one of the two rectangles from the two options. Continue reading


Basescu has no special telephone as of 18:00PM today

BUCHAREST | Special Telecommunications Service (STS) informs that on Friday, from 18.00, at the request of interim president Antonescu, has taken the special communications service interrupted that the suspended president Traian Basescu used. “I think the STS Director will take appropriate action and, with these measures the case, in my view, is closed”, said Antonescu. Continue reading

Antonescu: In the unofficial report there are some themes that exceed not only the CVM, but also the powers of the European Commission

BUCHAREST | Interim President Antonescu said on Tuesday that the unofficial draft  of the European Commission report has “some issues and decisions that exceed not only the CVM attributions, but the ones of the EU Commision aswell”, he expressed his hope that they are not included in the final report. Continue reading

Basescu: Loosing the referendum is not an option

BUCHAREST | Suspended President Traian Basescu said on Sunday, in a TV show that the depreciationof political relations can not be attributed to power and that Prime Minister Victor Ponta and the interim President Antonescu were rejected as partners in Europe and a stay of their functions after the referendum would mean isolation for the country. Continue reading

Le Monde: Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta fails to convince European leaders

PARIS | Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta participated on Wednesday and Thursday on a marathon in Brussels, trying to convince the European officials that the reforms he introduced in the Romanian political system are democratic and do not contradict the fundamental EU rules, but without success, Le Monde writes on it’s online edition on Thursday . Continue reading

Referendum to be monitored by the European Commision to avoid suspicion

BRUSSELES | Measures taken by the Government in Bucharest on calling a referendum on President Basescu’s dismissal will be the on the European Commission’s attention as to eliminate any suspicions with an objective following of the event, announced the leader of Party of European Socialists (PES), Sergei Stanishev in Brussels, after meeting with Prime Minister Victor Ponta. Continue reading

U.S. requests a referendum that respects the Romanian Constitution

BUCHAREST | U.S. Ambassador of Romania, Mark Gitenstein, urged the government, parliament and interim president Antonescu respect the Constitutional Court if President Traian Basescu’s impeachment referendum succedes. This is a direct intervention firm and rare from an American diplomat in Bucharest in any political struggle. Continue reading