Greek Elections Result: New Democracy, first with 29.66%, after 99.84% of the votes were counted

ATHENS | New Democracy is the first at the legislative elections in Greece on Sunday, but with no majority, winning only 29.66 percent of the votes, respectively 129 seats in the Parliament and followed by radical left Syriza and Pasok, after counting of 99 ,84 percent of the votes. Continue reading


Woman wins the City Hall of a county residence for the first time

CRAIOVA | USL female candidate at the mayor position of Craiova Olguta Lia Vasilescu won the elections with 45.6 percent of the votes, while the current mayor Antonie Solomon won 40.09 percent of votes, according to the final results announced on Monday evening by the Dolj County Election Office. Continue reading

Romanian TV boss Dan Diaconescu wins six seats in the General Council of Bucharest

BUCHAREST | USL has absolute majority in the General Council of the romanian capital Bucharest, but they will have as colleagues the PP-DD (People Party-Dan Diaconescu) politicians for the first time. PP-DD, owned by Dan Diaconescu, the TV boss of OTV (Oglinda Television) and DDTV (Dan Diaconescu Television), two romanian television stations, wins 10.38% of the votes for the General Council of Bucharest, according to the partial results provided by the Municipal Electoral Office at 18:00 on Monday. That means that PP-DD will get at least six seats in the General Council after the distribution of the functions.  Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: 2012 romanian local elections final results: Red Romania

BUCHAREST | These are the final results of the romanian local elections of 2012. Down bellow we present you the winners of the most important cities in the country, including the capital city of Bucharest and it’s general Mayor House. The list is then followed by a map (courtesy of with red for USL (Liberal-Social Union), orange for PDL (Liberal-Democratic Party), green for UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarian in Romania) and blue for FDGR (Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania) and the rest of the colors for other organizations or independent candidates that won the most positions in the county colored by the representative color. Continue reading

Romanian Secret Services blocked vote count in 4 polling stations

PLOIESTI | PSD (Democratic Liberal Party, member of the Social-Liberal Union) campaign coordinator Liviu Dragnea called on Sunday night the Police and the Ministry of Defence to intervene in Ploiesti, where the President of the Chamber of Deputies Roberta Anastase, “along with the SPP (Romanian Secret Services), blocks vote counting into four polling sections “. He said that what happens in Ploiesti because of Roberta Anastase is “extremely serious”.

Continue reading

Dismissed Prime Minister to win the Mayor House of the third largest city in the country

CLUJ-NAPOCA | There was no sleep last night for the dismissed Prime Minister Emil Boc, as he and his opponent Marius Nicoara have been waiting for the final count of the votes from the Transylvanian capital. The battle for the mayor position was head to head at the 70% mark of the count, when the PDL (Democratic Liberal Party) candidate in Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Emil Boc, would have 42% of the votes, while the USL (Social-Liberal Union) candidate Marius Nicoara would have 38%, by centralizing the votes for 70% of the polling stations. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Sorin Oprescu wins his second mandate as the mayor of the romanian capital

BUCHAREST | Sorin Oprescu is shown to be the winner of the Mayor House of the capital city of Romania, Bucharest, with a percentage of 65%, acording to an exit poll published by Antena 3. This will be his second mandate at the head of Bucharest. In the County Council, USL’s party candidates have taken the votes by over 60%.  Continue reading