First Interim President Antonescu press conference to take place at 20:00

BUCHAREST | Antonescu interim president will, at 20:00, hold a press statement at the Cotroceni Palace. Antonescu took over on Monday, the office of the suspended president Traian Basescu. Continue reading


Traian Basescu visited the Constitutional Court, where his legal conflict with the Parliament is disscused

SUSPENSION | Suspended President Traian Basescu arrived on Monday at the Constitutional Court, where they discuss his demand for a settlement “constitutional legal conflict between the Parliament of Romania, on the one hand, and the president of Romania, on the other side.” Continue reading

Angela Merkel considers the violation of the rule of law in Romania to be unacceptable

BERLIN | German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday that the state of law was violated “in an unacceptable way” in Romania during the struggle for power among the country’s leaders. Merkel spoked on Monday with Romanian President Traian Basescu on the phone and he acknowledged the concern reasons, said the German government press office, Bloomberg reports. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Romanian President Traian Basescu was suspended by the Parliament

BUCHAREST | Romanian President Traian Basescu was revoked from his function today with 256 of the 432 possible votes of the members of the Parliament for the suspention of the President. The suspention was initiated by the USL and finished seconds ago. The Parliament is now deciding the date of the referendum.

UPDATE: Referendum to take place on July 29, as just voted in the Parliament.

Article will be updated as new information is recieved.

RCC judge Aspazia Cojocaru threatened before the constitutional debate on the suspension of the President

CORRPUTION | Judge Aspazia Cojocaru was threatened – before talks on Friday on the suspension of President Basescu – on the vote that she gave on it.  “The Constitutional Court expresses its grave concern at the fact that judge Cojocaru Aspazia was threatened before the debate on the notice of suspension from the office of President of Romania”, informs the RCC Press Office. Continue reading

Romanian Constitutional Court avoided a clear answer on Basescu’s suspension

BUCHAREST | The Romanian Constitutional Court avoided to give a clear answer on the suspension request made by the USL for President Traian Basescu, although the permit was sent to the Parliament. Magistrates have analyzed each of the seven points of the USL request. Continue reading

Two EU Parliament members ask the Commission to analyze the situation in Romania, proposing its suspension of voting rights

BRUSSELES | Two MEPs, chairmen of committees of the EU Parliament are asking the European Commission to follow closely the political developments in Bucharest and to form a report that could lead to the suspension of the voting rights of Romania in the European Council. Continue reading