Anders Breivik to be temporarily moved to another prison

OSLO | Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people on July 2011 in Norway, was temporarily transferred to another prison, during the performance of working at the detention center were he has been previously incarcerated, prison officials announced on Tuesday. “I asked for a break,” said Knut Bjarkeid, director of high security prison in Ila, near Oslo, where Breivik spent most of his detention after arrest made in the day of attacks. Continue reading


The 9% VAT will lower food prices by 15% and reduce evasion

GOVERNANCE | VAT reduction from 24% to 9% for basic foods will lead to lower prices for those products by 15% and significantly reduce tax evasion, according to representatives of employers in the industry. “The first effect would be to increase budget revenues. It will reduce tax evasion bread from 60%, as is currently at 15-20%”, Aurel Popescu, president of Rompan bakery told the Mediafax. Continue reading

Two helicopters involved in the forest fire fighting in Bucegi

BUSTENI | Two helicopters of the Aviation Inspectorate of the Ministry of Interior will intervene on Monday in the fighting against the  forest fires in Bucegi. The first helicopter took off from the Special Aviation Unit at around 10:00 am, said Interior Ministry (MAI), in a press release. Continue reading

Sorin Ovidiu Vintu led to the Supreme Court

BUCHAREST | Sorin Ovidiu Vintu, imprisoned as a result of being sentenced to one year in prison for extortion, was taken on Monday morning at the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office to study the INF file, in which he is accused of money laundering, prosecutors completing the research on the file. Continue reading

Basescu: I deeply regret that I said in public what I think about King Mihai

REGRETS | Suspended President Traian Basescu said that he “deeply regrets” that he publicly said what he thinks about Romanian King Mihai, adding that this also shows that, even in very sensitive issues, it is important that politicians do not say what they think (democracy? yeah, right… ). Continue reading

Greece leaving Eurozone back in discussion

ATHENS | The posibility of Greece leaving the euro area is actual in the beginning of the IMF mission, the EC and the ECB, if missing fiscal targets agreed by the Greek State will lead to blocking of external financing and bankruptcy. A mission from the European Commission, IMF and European Central Bank will arrive in Athens on Tuesday to determine how much Greece has deviated from the fiscal targets of the bailout agreement. Continue reading

Adrian Nastase transferred to Jilava prison hospital

BUCHAREST | Adrian Nastase has been transferred from Rahova prison hospital to Jilava prison hospital because of his chronic medical conditions suffered by being housed in the Department of Internal Medicine, with another person deprived of liberty, in a room equipped with six beds and bathroom. Continue reading