Orange heat wave code: Temperatures of 39 degrees to hit most of the country

UNBEARABLE | Nine counties in western country are, until Friday, under the code orange for heat and thermal discomfort, with temperatures that can reach 39 degrees Celsius, while for other regions a code yellow alert is valid, according to the National Meteorology Administration (ANM). Continue reading


BREAKING NEWS: 2012 romanian local elections final results: Red Romania

BUCHAREST | These are the final results of the romanian local elections of 2012. Down bellow we present you the winners of the most important cities in the country, including the capital city of Bucharest and it’s general Mayor House. The list is then followed by a map (courtesy of with red for USL (Liberal-Social Union), orange for PDL (Liberal-Democratic Party), green for UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarian in Romania) and blue for FDGR (Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania) and the rest of the colors for other organizations or independent candidates that won the most positions in the county colored by the representative color. Continue reading