Basescu has no special telephone as of 18:00PM today

BUCHAREST | Special Telecommunications Service (STS) informs that on Friday, from 18.00, at the request of interim president Antonescu, has taken the special communications service interrupted that the suspended president Traian Basescu used. “I think the STS Director will take appropriate action and, with these measures the case, in my view, is closed”, said Antonescu. Continue reading


Basescu: Loosing the referendum is not an option

BUCHAREST | Suspended President Traian Basescu said on Sunday, in a TV show that the depreciationof political relations can not be attributed to power and that Prime Minister Victor Ponta and the interim President Antonescu were rejected as partners in Europe and a stay of their functions after the referendum would mean isolation for the country. Continue reading

One way is not the way: The “-escu” Curse

There is going to be a referendum in a small country of this world that Europe will be monitoring as if it was a nuclear camp. Romania is on the verge of going „politicalrupt” and is now preparing for the second try to get rid of president Basescu, who was also put up for suspension in 2009, when, for some reason, the people wanted him to remain at Cotroceni. The problem is that each and every newspaper in the world is commenting on the subject, but not one of them sends its journalists to actually see Romania as it is. That’s like me starting to write how amazing a weekend in Lusaka is, as I never went to Zambia. It bothers me, so I am going to try and explain the situation from my point of view. Continue reading

U.S. requests a referendum that respects the Romanian Constitution

BUCHAREST | U.S. Ambassador of Romania, Mark Gitenstein, urged the government, parliament and interim president Antonescu respect the Constitutional Court if President Traian Basescu’s impeachment referendum succedes. This is a direct intervention firm and rare from an American diplomat in Bucharest in any political struggle. Continue reading

Traian Basescu visited the Constitutional Court, where his legal conflict with the Parliament is disscused

SUSPENSION | Suspended President Traian Basescu arrived on Monday at the Constitutional Court, where they discuss his demand for a settlement “constitutional legal conflict between the Parliament of Romania, on the one hand, and the president of Romania, on the other side.” Continue reading

USL read the request for suspension of the President. Basescu: Ponta, the Copy/Paste PM

BUCHAREST | President Traian Basescu told the Parliament that one of the motives for his request for suspension of the post is conjectural, due to the fact that Prime Minister Victor Ponta, provided by the USL, has come to be known worldwide as the “copy/paste Prime Minister”. Continue reading