Antonescu: In the unofficial report there are some themes that exceed not only the CVM, but also the powers of the European Commission

BUCHAREST | Interim President Antonescu said on Tuesday that the unofficial draft  of the European Commission report has “some issues and decisions that exceed not only the CVM attributions, but the ones of the EU Commision aswell”, he expressed his hope that they are not included in the final report. Continue reading


Antonescu would be appointed head of the Senate if he wins revocation of Blaga

BUCHAREST | USL (Social Liberal Union) considers that if the dismissal of Vasile Blaga will succeed the Liberal leader Antonescu is to be appointed chairman of the Senate, who as interim suspension from office under the head of state, USL sources told the media. Continue reading

If Basescu doesn’t assigns Hasotti on Monday, I will request the initiation of suspension

BUCHAREST | PNL president Crin Antonescu said on Friday that if President Traian Basescu will not invest Puiu Hasotti as the Ministry of Culture by Monday, without any statement about his work, he will ask lawmakers to start the proceedings of suspending the romanian president. Continue reading