BREAKING NEWS: Basescu keeps his function, despite the vote

BUCHAREST – At the 2012 referendum for Basescu’s dismissal voted 46.13% of Romanians who have this right, according to partial official data provided by Central Electoral Bureau (BEC). Thus, 87.55% voted yes, 11.12% voted no. The president said he won this, despite the fact that almost 8 million people wants him out of Cotroceni. The next partial count will be announced at 14:00 local.

We will be back with details soon.


2012 Referendum for the suspention of President Traian Basescu started

ROMANIA | Romanians are called at the referendum on Sunday, July 29, to answer the question “Do you agree with the dismissal of Romanian President Traian Basescu?”. Voters can choose to answer “yes” or “no” on the ballot, stamp applying once inside one of the two rectangles from the two options. Continue reading

Antonescu: In the unofficial report there are some themes that exceed not only the CVM, but also the powers of the European Commission

BUCHAREST | Interim President Antonescu said on Tuesday that the unofficial draft  of the European Commission report has “some issues and decisions that exceed not only the CVM attributions, but the ones of the EU Commision aswell”, he expressed his hope that they are not included in the final report. Continue reading

USL read the request for suspension of the President. Basescu: Ponta, the Copy/Paste PM

BUCHAREST | President Traian Basescu told the Parliament that one of the motives for his request for suspension of the post is conjectural, due to the fact that Prime Minister Victor Ponta, provided by the USL, has come to be known worldwide as the “copy/paste Prime Minister”. Continue reading