Author of the Burgas attack came from Romania into Bulgaria

SOFIA | Author of the terrorist attack Wednesday from Burgas, where seven people were killed, entered the territory of Bulgaria in Ruse, coming from Romania, tells site, this being the main hypothesis of the investigators at this time.  Sorin Sava, head of the SRI press said Friday that the Service does not comment on the information that the Bulgarian media published about the author of the attack from Burgas, adding that SRI has taken all necessary measures to prevent any terrorist risks. Continue reading


Images of Romania’s tourist attractions from 39 cities on Google Maps

STREET VIEW | Images of Romania’s tourist attractions In 39 cities will be available in Street View on Google Maps at the end of a project launched on Monday at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest, where they will travel 40,000 kilometers in the country by car and bicycle. Continue reading

The country with no president

Romania is, as of yesterday, the only democratic country in the world with no president. He was suspended by the Parliament after USL, the party that now runs the country initiated a suspention request. After the Romanian Constitutional Court decided that the request is also constitutional and not, letting the Parliament to decide on it, although it was the job of the judges to do it, the deputies and senators voted, 256 of them for the suspention, leaving president Basescu jobless for at least 30 days until the referendum. Continue reading

USL read the request for suspension of the President. Basescu: Ponta, the Copy/Paste PM

BUCHAREST | President Traian Basescu told the Parliament that one of the motives for his request for suspension of the post is conjectural, due to the fact that Prime Minister Victor Ponta, provided by the USL, has come to be known worldwide as the “copy/paste Prime Minister”. Continue reading

Meningitis epidemic with over one hundred cases

SUCEAVA | Ten cases of acute viral meningitis were recorded in the last 24 hours in Suceava County, including two children aged 2 and 4 years and two high school students, the total number of registered cases reaching 109. According to the Department of Public Health (DPH) Suceava, among patients diagnosed in the last 24 hours there is a child aged two from Suceava and a child aged four from Plopeni and two girls of 17 and 18 from a high school in Suceava. Continue reading

Heat and thermal discomfort with temperatures of 35-36 degrees Celsius throughout the country

BUCHAREST | National Meteorological Administration issued a forecast on Monday informing that from Tuesday to Friday the weather is warm throughout the country and that some areas will have temperatures of 35-36 degrees and the temperature-humidity index will slightly exceed the critical number of 80 in local areas in the plains, hills and plateaus. Continue reading

Breaking News: Soldier tried to strangle his girlfriend in the middle of the street

IASI | A man in Iasi, dressed in military clothes, tried on Friday to strangle a woman, aged 47,  which by the first informations is his lover, at this time at the victim being transported to the Neurosurgery Hospital of Iasi. Continue reading