2012 Referendum for the suspention of President Traian Basescu started

ROMANIA | Romanians are called at the referendum on Sunday, July 29, to answer the question “Do you agree with the dismissal of Romanian President Traian Basescu?”. Voters can choose to answer “yes” or “no” on the ballot, stamp applying once inside one of the two rectangles from the two options. Continue reading


Orange heat wave code: Temperatures of 39 degrees to hit most of the country

UNBEARABLE | Nine counties in western country are, until Friday, under the code orange for heat and thermal discomfort, with temperatures that can reach 39 degrees Celsius, while for other regions a code yellow alert is valid, according to the National Meteorology Administration (ANM). Continue reading

Journalists to Ponta in Brussels: “Mr. President”

BRUSSELES | Foreign journalists addresed to Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Thursday at the European Council with the words “mister president,” making him obligated to tell them in English that he is not President of Romania, but the Prime Minister of it. When reached the European Council and entered the building, foreign journalists have yelled to him: “Please, one question, Mr. President”. Continue reading

Adrian Nastase and the Bullet of Corruption

I know, the title is holleric, but bare with me. I decided to cover only the Breaking News on Saturday, so this day will be the Opinion day, because I have a lot on my mind that I want to tell you about and, in the end, this is still a blog, wright? So today, we are talking about Adrian Nastase, the ex-PM of Romania that apparently tried to kill himself because he was sentenced to two years inprisonment. Continue reading

Miami Heat holds the title for the second time in history in the NBA

MIAMI | Miami Heat won on Thursday for the second time the champion title of the North American Professional Basketball League (NBA), beating Oklahoma City Thunder  at the score of 4-1, thanks to the victory in the fifth match of the final.  Miami Heat won the NBA title in 2006. Miami team took revenge after the last season, when they lost the final in front of the Dallas Mavericks. Continue reading

A Romanian student won the Amelia Earhart scientific award

TOULOUSE | A Romanian woman doctoral student at the University of Toulouse in France received a prestigious scientific award, named after Amelia Earhart. The award, which annually rewards for excellent work of girls in science and engineering in aeronautics and space was provided for research to Georgia Deaconu, in the field of the autonomy of the orbital trajectories. Continue reading