2012 Referendum for the suspention of President Traian Basescu started

ROMANIA | Romanians are called at the referendum on Sunday, July 29, to answer the question “Do you agree with the dismissal of Romanian President Traian Basescu?”. Voters can choose to answer “yes” or “no” on the ballot, stamp applying once inside one of the two rectangles from the two options. Continue reading


Basescu: I deeply regret that I said in public what I think about King Mihai

REGRETS | Suspended President Traian Basescu said that he “deeply regrets” that he publicly said what he thinks about Romanian King Mihai, adding that this also shows that, even in very sensitive issues, it is important that politicians do not say what they think (democracy? yeah, right… ). Continue reading

Basescu: Loosing the referendum is not an option

BUCHAREST | Suspended President Traian Basescu said on Sunday, in a TV show that the depreciationof political relations can not be attributed to power and that Prime Minister Victor Ponta and the interim President Antonescu were rejected as partners in Europe and a stay of their functions after the referendum would mean isolation for the country. Continue reading

If Basescu doesn’t assigns Hasotti on Monday, I will request the initiation of suspension

BUCHAREST | PNL president Crin Antonescu said on Friday that if President Traian Basescu will not invest Puiu Hasotti as the Ministry of Culture by Monday, without any statement about his work, he will ask lawmakers to start the proceedings of suspending the romanian president. Continue reading