GOOGLE celebrates the London 2012 Olympics Games

LONDON | Google has changed on Friday the logo on the home page to mark the start of 2012 Olympic Games held in London. Thus, the letters forming the Google logo are accompanied by one drawing of a sportsman: a football player, a swimmer, an athlete, a practicing archery and a fencer. Next to them is a basketball and a football. Continue reading


Putin hires tasters for his food so he doesn’t get poisoned

PRECAUTION | Vladimir Putin asked every dish which is served to be checked to see that is not poisoned, Paris Gilles Bragard revealed on Wednesday, founder of a club of elite chefs who cook for the most powerful politicians in the world. Each dish served for the Russian president, a former KGB agent “obsessed with security”, is checked by a qualified medical professional taster, which ensures it is completely safe to be consumed, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail. Continue reading

Anders Breivik to be temporarily moved to another prison

OSLO | Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people on July 2011 in Norway, was temporarily transferred to another prison, during the performance of working at the detention center were he has been previously incarcerated, prison officials announced on Tuesday. “I asked for a break,” said Knut Bjarkeid, director of high security prison in Ila, near Oslo, where Breivik spent most of his detention after arrest made in the day of attacks. Continue reading

Greece leaving Eurozone back in discussion

ATHENS | The posibility of Greece leaving the euro area is actual in the beginning of the IMF mission, the EC and the ECB, if missing fiscal targets agreed by the Greek State will lead to blocking of external financing and bankruptcy. A mission from the European Commission, IMF and European Central Bank will arrive in Athens on Tuesday to determine how much Greece has deviated from the fiscal targets of the bailout agreement. Continue reading

A party in Norway requires exit of the country from Schengen because of Romania and Bulgaria

OSLO | Centre Party member of the ruling coalition of center-left Norway wants to get out of Schengen border controls and restoring the country, ahead of Romania and Bulgaria. “Schengen agreement makes it easier to enter offenders in Norway. We need to take control of our own borders”, said MP Jenny Klinge, the Centre Party, cited by Klassekampen, adding that they would prefer instead to establish an area of free movement in the Nordic region , according to website. Continue reading

U.S. began to prepare for the collapse of the Syrian Government

WASHINGTON | Obama administration officials are working on plans for the event that the Syrian Government collapses, focusing particularly on Syrian chemical weapons that are supposedly possess and could be used. There is suspicion that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could use chemical weapons against his opposition forces and civilians, emphasizes the New York Times Electronic Edition. Continue reading

Most wanted Nazi criminal found in Hungary

BUDAPEST | The world’s most wanted Nazi criminal Csatary Laszlo, aged 97, accused of complicity in the deaths of 15700 Hebrews during the Second World War was found in Budapest, office director of the Wiesenthal Center in Israel said on Sunday . “I can confirm that Laszlo Csatary was identified and found in Budapest”, Efraim Zuroff told the AFP, cited by Mediafax. Continue reading