2012 Referendum for the suspention of President Traian Basescu started

ROMANIA | Romanians are called at the referendum on Sunday, July 29, to answer the question “Do you agree with the dismissal of Romanian President Traian Basescu?”. Voters can choose to answer “yes” or “no” on the ballot, stamp applying once inside one of the two rectangles from the two options. Continue reading


Weekly news retrospective: July 2-8, 2012

Here is the weekly news retrospective from July 2 to July 8, 2012:

July 2:

Sleepless night in Madrid as Spain won the European Championship the second time in a row

More and more Romanian remain unemployed. The unemployment rate increased in May

PDL holds anti-USL rally in Revolution Square

Powerful fire at a chemicals company, workers evacuated

July 3:

Antonescu would be appointed head of the Senate if he wins revocation of Blaga

Orange heat wave code: Temperatures of 39 degrees to hit most of the country

Claudiu Saftoiu, validated as president and CEO of TVR by the Parliament

July 4:

BREAKING NEWS: USL lawyers working on the document for the suspension of President Basescu

God’s particle “no doubt it exists”

July 5:

USL read the request for suspension of the President. Basescu: Ponta, the Copy/Paste PM

Two EU Parliament members ask the Commission to analyze the situation in Romania, proposing its suspension of voting rights

Illegal gambling network dismantled in Malaysia

How much would a pack of smokes cost if Government will pass the new vice law

June 6:

Romanian Constitutional Court avoided a clear answer on Basescu’s suspension

RCC judge Aspazia Cojocaru threatened before the constitutional debate on the suspension of the President

BREAKING NEWS: Romanian President Traian Basescu was suspended by the Parliament

June 7:

The country with no president

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A Romanian student won the Amelia Earhart scientific award

TOULOUSE | A Romanian woman doctoral student at the University of Toulouse in France received a prestigious scientific award, named after Amelia Earhart. The award, which annually rewards for excellent work of girls in science and engineering in aeronautics and space was provided for research to Georgia Deaconu, in the field of the autonomy of the orbital trajectories. Continue reading

Special guest Geraldine Chaplin talks about her father at TIFF 2012

CLUJ-NAPOCA | Geraldine Chaplin, the special guest of the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF), said on Saturday at a press conference that she  currently believe that the film can only change how people think, not the world. The actress spoke at a conference in Cluj Napoca, at the 11th edition of TIFF (ending Sunday, June the 11th), about the fact that she loves her job, how “cool” is the Transylvanian town  and about the “horrible, with cannibals’, film she will shoot in Spain. Continue reading